most common thought: damn haha im going to have to deal with that sooner or later


sorry babe i couldnt afford an engagement ring but heres a meme i printed out and taped to a rock


plot twist: humanity learns from its history

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"I guess"
I disagree with you but ill let you have this one because I don’t feel like debating anymore with your simple ass (via monitormylife)
"I gave so much to someone who never appreciated it."
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doctor: sir we asked you to tape your allergic reactions this is just a video of you skateboarding
me: tell me thats not sick
doctor: haha yeah its pretty fucking sick dude


i just wanna illegally watch a movie online man i aint tryna fuck no single busty russians in my area

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me: *sees a white boy* *locks my car doors*

white boy: *knocks on window* what would you be doing if I was in there with you ;)

"Yofo (you only fly once)"
Icarus probably
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tripped and fell in my heelys jesus take the wheelys